Uncover the nutritional deficiencies,
mineral imbalances, and heavy metal toxicity 
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Hair Tissue 
Mineral Analysis
Knowing Your Metabolic Type® Opens New Doors To Resolving The Cause Of Your Health Complaints.
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Hair Tissue Minerals Lab Report:

Your lab report will include the test results, a graphic illustration of levels and rations of 36 elements, including calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and more. These minerals are necessary for proper functioning of the organs and tissues of the body. They can also store in organs where they’re not supposed to be and prevent proper function. Many minerals need to be replenished, while some forms of minerals need to be detoxed if they are forms the body cannot utilize. 
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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Interpretation:

Your custom interpretation is performed by Healthexcel™ just like your Metabolic Type® assessment and identifies the meaning behind important mineral ratios and your body's ability to mobilize and remove heavy metals. It provides a complete individualized evaluation and detailed discussion of the patient's metabolic type, current mineral leves and ratios, and their impact on body chemistry.
  •  Increase Energy: Your hair test results identify key imbalances that can be corrected with specific minerals based on your Metabolic Type®
  •  Replenish Nutrient Deficiencies: Nutrient deficiencies can affect all areas of function including energy,  sleep, mood and more!
  • Improve Sleep: At the wrong level certain minerals can keep you awake at night tossing and turning. Your nutritional balancing protocol will help optimize levels for better sleep.
  •  Improve Mood: Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances can throw your mood out of balance. The correct nutrient protocol can make a tremendous difference the same way that your Metabolic Type® diet can help with your mood.
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